Bulgarian Aviation Services

Business and VIP flights

VIP Passengers handling - Ensure sufficient passengers check-in procedure and book business or VIP lounge when required. Arrange fast and smooth passengers handling between aircraft and terminal. Arrange rent a car or limousine with driver upon request - offer options for driver to speak required language. Handle credit card payments - VISA & Master Card.

VIP Aircraft ramp handling - Ensure sufficient aircraft stand(s) on apron. Marshaling, equipment and manpower required to provide prompt ramp handling. Arrange catering according to operator requirements. Provide fuel and de-icing credit arrangements as far as required. Deliver crew brief and METEO. Arrange additional security services when required. Arrange limousine access on apron after security clearance.

Parking - Ensure sufficient parking stands for the operation.

Hotel accommodation and crew transfer - Provide hotel accommodation and transfers for passengers and crew when required.