Bulgarian Aviation Services

Passenger Flights

Passengers and baggage check-in - Ensure that sufficient check-in desks are allocated; airline logo and notices are displayed; information and announcements to passengers; PNL is loaded in check-in system; correct aircraft configuration is in use; seating of passengers according to airline regulations; handling of PRM, UM and special passengers; security and customs assistance where required; collect revenue according to airline policy and handle credit card payments - VISA & Master Card.

Passengers aircraft ramp handling Ensure sufficient aircraft stand(s) on apron; marshaling, equipment and manpower required; prompt ramp handling according to airline GHM/GOM; catering handling including galley-belly change & pre pack distribution where required; aircraft refueling; de-icing as far as required; crew brief and METEO; positioning of aircraft next to each other to secure smooth crew change and quick turn around when required.

Irregularity Ensure that passengers rights are met; information and announcements to passengers is provided on time; arrange welfare food and drinks for passengers according to airline regulations; provide hotel accommodation and passengers/crew transfer if required.