Bulgarian Aviation Services

Cargo Flights

Cargo handling and documentation - Ensure that cargo is presented on time and ready for loading and safe transportation according to applicable regulations. Sufficient and correct documentation is provided by suppliers. Airway Bill and Cargo Manifest are properly issued. Shipper’s Declaration and NOTOC is provided in case of Dangerous Good shipment. Relevant certificates are provided in case of special shipments such as perishables, livestock, etc.

Cargo aircraft ramp handling - Ensure sufficient aircraft stand(s) on apron. Marshaling, cargo equipment and manpower required is on spot. Prompt ramp handling according to airline GHM/GOM. Catering services where required. Aircraft refueling and de-icing as far as required. Deliver crew brief and METEO. Arrange catering services upon request.

Courier flights - Ensure fast and smooth transfer of courier materials between aircraft and courier warehouse as well as quick loading and offloading of aircraft. All required paperwork together with Master Airway bill is presented. Arrange additional security facilities especially for bulk shipments.

Parking - Ensure sufficient parking stands for the operation.

Hotel accommodation and crew transfer - Provide hotel accommodation and crew transfer if required.